• Hi Jaswant,

      Thank you for commenting. We also agree that personalized content distribution is the future of any B2B industry. What forms of personalized content do you think resonate best with your audiences? We would love to hear more from you!

  1. I agree with the ideal here — highly personalized content based on individual prospect’s needs — but in my work with clients they’re often hard-pressed to turn out even generic, one size fits all content, or to keep to even a regular blog schedule. How does a customer find the time or budget to do all the work required (develop personas, gather data, generate content)? Or am I making it too complex?

  2. Totally agree with the end goal of highly personalized messaging driven by data and understanding of the prospect. But where do organizations get the time required — developing personas, analyzing data, and creating content? I know that’s where you come in but it still takes thought and time from the client (who are our key customers, what is our value prop, etc.) Many of the client with whom I work as a marketing writer have plenty of trouble freeing up time to approve a white paper or blog post, much less something this ambitious (and worthwhile.) Or am I making it too complicated?

  3. You hit the nail on the head there, Bob. Time and resources are seldom plentiful, which is why it is easier to work on a more generic piece and hope the approval process doesn’t take longer than the time it takes the customer to make a decision and purchase a product or service you were hoping to influence to buy from you! However, in an always-on ABM environment, you not only can get the data and attribution of the user so you can target them based on what they are researching and the job function, etc. in a more real time way. And it doesn’t have to require writing a 6000-word whitepaper that needs to be internally reviewed. The content can be a multitude of different options. How about a quick infographic or a short two-three-minute video? Or even current branding assets you have been generically serving to companies, but not with personalization that will drive CTR or conversion. Just by using the industry sector or job function in the creative will drastically improve engagement. And combining real time branding with various creatives can surround your prospect with the messaging that relates to their job function. This will give you the valuable insight into what further content they might need in terms of content syndication as a prospect or if they require further nurturing. Engaging with a third party content studio rather than relying on in house resources may also speed up the process as they have the time to dedicate on turning copy around extremely quickly so that it is more impactful when it is sent.