Employee Spotlight: Tahsin Shamsul, Full Stack Engineer

Employee Spotlight: Tahsin Shamsul, Full Stack Engineer

Tahsin Shamsul is a Full Stack Engineer who has been working with Madison Logic’s technology team for almost two years now.

What drew you to Madison Logic? When did you know that ML was the right job for you? 

As a Software Engineer, I was drawn to Madison Logic because of the technologies utilized by their tech team. I was intrigued by the opportunity to grow and learn as a professional and learn about the industry, not only on the tech side. I knew it was the right job for me when I was able to practice and use my skills from my previous experience to make an impact and apply it to my work here at ML. 

What was your first role at Madison Logic, and how did that turn into the role you have today? 

My first role upon joining Madison Logic was the title of API (Application Programming Interface) Engineer, working on getting acquainted with the internal tech systems and making improvements to our APIs and data retrieval systems that power the consumer applications. Since then, my role at ML has grown tremendously — from learning about our various internal to client facing applications, to working on backend data-processing algorithms and handling our database data to continuously improve and build new products and features. Over time, I eventually became a Full Stack engineer working on Third Party Software Integrations, various behind-the-scenes algorithms, some aspects of our UI, and working with the product team, ad-ops team, debugging and fixing client’s software issues and much more. 

The reason I stay at ML is for the opportunity for growth and the dynamic nature of the work. Tech is always changing at a rapid pace. At Madison Logic, there is always work to be done or new features/products to build. There are constantly new tech skills to learn and apply to my work.  

What do you most enjoy about working for Madison Logic and why? 

Every day isn’t the same and the work isn’t mundane. Based on the tasks given, I will always learn something new, whether it is tech related or about the business in general. My colleagues and coworkers are highly communicative and collaborative across all departments. Ideas and discussions are always welcomed and encouraged in order to always keep improving. 

I honestly enjoy the people most at ML. In my experience, everyone has been very friendly and always willing to share ideas, communicate, and collaborate. We know how to have fun in the midst of all of our work. The people across the company share lunches, joke around, and generally look out for each other. And our office manager (among others) does an excellent job of creating a great workplace environment. 

What sets Madison Logic apart? What characteristics does someone need to be successful with this company? 

I think what sets ML apart are the investments the company makes into its business and its people. The culture created here is very laid back but willing to get down to business and stay focused on the goals of the company. Especially in the tech team – we are a highly collaborative group. 

Possessing a willingness to learn and being able to have constructive discussions are characteristics needed to succeed at ML. Not every single aspect will be perfect. However, having the right attitude and working towards the goals and vision for the company will keep you on the right track.  

What is your favorite part about your team and why? 

I joined ML in January of 2017. Aside from working together on the tech team, I was able to get to know my team better through our shared lunches. My favorite part about my team is how we can easily communicate, complain to each other about our daily technology-related nuances, and always get excited about food and snacks which cultivate a friendly atmosphere for everyone. 

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