Employee Spotlight: Sean Kaushal, Director of Display Operations

Employee Spotlight: Sean Kaushal, Director of Display Operations

Sean Kaushal is the Director of Display Operations here at Madison Logic. He has found great success at Madison Logic for the past three years working on the Operations team.

Describe your experience working at Madison Logic.

I was drawn to Madison Logic to learn more about the business-to-business (B2B) and programmatic spaces in display advertising. I’m from the business-to-consumer (B2C) space, so it was refreshing to see another side of the same coin. I started as a Campaign manager and moved my way up to Director. As the role evolved, being adaptable and always accepting challenges was integral in this journey. I’ve been at ML for over 3 years (the longest in my career) because of the people, the culture and the general attitude of the company – everyone wants to improve and get better and I’m always for that. To strive at ML, the top characteristics are being genuine, respectful and accountable – and if you want to go above and beyond, having an owner’s mindset.

What do you most enjoy about working for the company and why?

I would describe working at ML like walking into your favorite coffee shop then realizing all the seats are taken but just as you’re leaving, you find an opening. Yes, it gets busy at times but since everyone is aligned with the company’s goals, we all know when to have fun and geek out (about video games/tv shows/music/life) and to get stuff done. Since it’s a flat organization, you could be talking with the CEO one minute and the CFO the next – everyone is friendly and inviting.

When did you join Madison Logic and how did you and your team get to know each other?

I joined ML back in 2016 and I bonded with my team over our love of comedy. We all have a great sense of humor which helps us understand and work better with each other. I’d have to say my favorite part is that we’re a well-oiled machine – something like the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, we know when to pick our spots and make the basket.

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