Employee Spotlight: Amy Vosko, Vice President of Marketing and Demand Gen

Employee Spotlight: Amy Vosko, Vice President of Marketing and Demand Gen

Amy Vosko is the Vice President of Marketing and Demand Gen at Madison Logic, based in our NYC office. Amy’s been contributing her expertise with Demand Gen and ABM programs to the Madison Logic team for the past year.

Her Demand Gen role works very closely with sales and marketing to ensure key account engagements and contribution to pipeline revenue.

What drew you to Madison Logic? 

I was a former client of ML’s. Over the 12 months that we had been partnering on my ABM programs, I had gotten very familiar with the capabilities of the product, the outlook on what the company was building, and, most importantly, the employees. Immediately, I felt a sense of partnership, innovation, and genuine warmth from the team. When a role opened for leading Demand Gen and ABM for ML, it immediately felt like the right fit for me.   

What was your first role at Madison Logic, and how did that turn into the role you have today?

I have been with ML for almost 1 year. I would say that my role has been exactly what was envisioned — which is great and not-often common. It speaks to the vision and clarity on my team of how we want to create an impact for the organization. Speaking of the team, my coworkers are amazing and definitely one of the many reasons why I enjoy my time here.

What is it like to work at Madison Logic? 

Strategic, collaborative, and fun. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Madison Logic. I partner almost every day with nearly every department and there is an amazing alignment between sales and marketing, which is rare and very much appreciated in a Demand Gen role. My team is very clear on how my programs can support them and often pull me into their sales process to help grow connections with customers. All the while we laugh, share each other’s lives and learn together.

What sets Madison Logic apart? 

I would say that each team genuinely is focused on supporting the customer, improving and growing personally and professionally and supporting one another. To really make an impact, people know that agility, thoughtful execution, and communication are the keys to success.

What is your favorite part about your team and why?

My team is a great blend of product, content and marketing veterans. Combined, we have worked for some of the most innovative and successful tech and B2B brands in the industry.  That makes for a lot of fresh ideas and expertise to make marketing magic happen quickly. We collaborate a lot to discuss strategy, progress and roadblocks. Oh, and we all have a strong affinity for good food and creativity. What do I like most about the team? We can agree or disagree on an approach, but we all respect one another’s point of view and after we leave the discussion, we still want to go have lunch with one another.

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