One Question With… Jeff Soriano (Marketing Qualified Accounts)

One Question With… Jeff Soriano (Marketing Qualified Accounts)

Back by popular demand! Our guest, Jeff Soriano, Senior Demand Generation Director at Offerpop, talked to us about the difference between marketing qualified leads (MQLs) versus Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs). Along the way he said some nice things about Madison Logic. We’re blushing!

Transcript: So I think one of the things that is really different about working with Madison Logic versus some other vendors is sometimes we get on the phone really talked about new approaches: things we’re doing differently, way of thinking about things differently, the way they’re thinking about things differently. And that ultimately drives a really good partnership.

So, I had recently heard about this idea not focusing so much on the idea of focusing on a marketing qualified lead, but focusing on a marketing qualified account. And the idea that measuring it was success wasn’t about driving a singular lead for the company you want to talk to, but driving multiple leads from a company that you want to talk to.

And, because there was this partnership, they were really interested in hearing about this because they want to understand what success meant to me and how they could drive it. So I think that that’s again what really makes a strong partnership. It’s not just sitting back and just saying, we hear with the market’s saying, but how are you perceiving the market, and what are you looking to do?

So just this idea of a marketing qualified lead versus a marketing qualifed account and actually aligning the way we work together around that, was great. It wasn’t a vendor selling you something it was more of a partnership.

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