Marketing Is Now a Profit Center for Zilliant with Madison Logic

Marketing Is Now a Profit Center for Zilliant with Madison Logic


When Kevin Salas began working at Zilliant, they already had an established marketing stack. But they didn’t have the right person to lead the charge to build a strong marketing engine. It became obvious that his top priority was to generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs) at the top of the funnel, and to convert those leads to opportunities. 


Madison Logic was a key part of the solution that Kevin implemented for his 2018 and 2019 strategies. He began incorporating ABM into Zilliant’s marketing plan – first with a trial, then as a multi-channel approach with ABM Lead Generation and ABM Advertising. 


Zilliant has seen tremendous results from Kevin’s approach. Before he started at Zilliant, they saw marketing as a cost center rather than a profit center. Thanks to the results that the partnership with Madison Logic generated, marketing has become a profit center, and Kevin plans to expand Zilliant’s partnership with ML over the next year as well. 

“I’m ahead by 62% for MQL’s generated QoQ and YoY. I am ahead 42% in opportunities created. We are an absolute profit center now. A lead that comes through from Madison Logic has a higher propensity to convert to an opportunity at a significantly higher rate.” 

Download the complete case study now to get the full story. 

About Zilliant: 

Zilliant, Inc. provides price optimization and price management software for manufacturing, distribution, high tech, and industrial service companies. Zilliant’s pricing software enables manufacturers and distributors to adopt an approach to price analysis, optimization, price list management, quoting, and negotiation. In addition, Zilliant, Inc. offers deployment strategy and planning, and implementation methodology, as well as Zilliant education services for business and technical users. 


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