Why is our CMO, Jenn Steele, excited about Journey Acceleration?

Why is our CMO, Jenn Steele, excited about Journey Acceleration?

Today we launched Journey Acceleration™, which allows B2B marketers to hit the right members of the buying committee with the right content and messaging at the right time to speed them down the funnel. Marketing speak aside, I’m excited about Journey Acceleration because it drives me to accelerate my four primary goals, which also happen to be stages of the customer life cycle journey (clearly, we named it Journey Acceleration for good reason…). Namely, acquisition, nurturing, accelerating the sales funnel, and growing existing accounts.

And warning: I may go a little nuts with car analogies, since ACCELERATION. Get it?


I love technology. My first career was in technology. I’ve eagerly watched the martech landscape blossom from just a few companies a decade ago to nearly 7,000 now. But most of those awesome tools, plug-ins, and automation systems do exactly nothing if you don’t already have account information in your system. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Bupkis.

To fuel the martech stack, you need company and people information–accurate information–so that your tools can work properly and in sync. Journey Acceleration starts pumping the information fuel as early as not knowing where the gas station is. Wait, I think I broke that metaphor. Let me try again…

With Journey Acceleration, you start the acquisition process wherever you are in your ABM implementation.

Don’t have accounts yet? Great. (No, really. Great. I promise.) We’ll help you generate one in a few different ways. We can generate an account list:

  • Based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Based on intent data and what topics are trending
  • By looking at your current customers and matching behavior and firmographic information with what your current customers were doing in the period before buying your product or service (Which I think is wicked cool)

If you already have accounts, you can get straight to running ABM programs. If you have crazy account bloat–and believe me, I’ve been there–you can refine that list by intent data and trending topics.

Once you have the account list nailed down, you’re ready to go. Use ABM Advertising and ABM Content Syndication tactics to generate awareness and high-quality leads. Martech fuel acquired.


Now that we have fuel, we can get this marketing engine started. Having personally worked at both HubSpot and Marketo (via Bizible), nurturing accounts is near and dear to my heart. But most marketing automation relies heavily on email and social media to try to get accounts sales-ready. Given the general inbox clutter and social media noise, some nurturing engines don’t get out of idle.

If I’m trying to add value to an account and make it sales-ready, I want to make sure they can see the amazing content that my Content Marketing Services team puts together. Enter Journey Acceleration. By integrating with Marketo, I get exactly the same content and messages I’m using in email and social media nurturing to accounts via ABM Advertising and ABM Content Syndication.

As my accounts move through the marketing funnel, my messages change across all channels. Talk about a well-oiled machine…


Once sales has those warmed-up accounts, it’s not time for marketing to exit the car. It’s time to hit the gas!

When I ran product marketing departments, I was slightly obsessed about the messaging sales used at each funnel stage. I always felt like the right messaging and talking to the right people would magically speed deals to close (and it usually helped a lot).

According to a DemandGen Report survey, 49% of buyers said that display ads positively influenced their purchasing decision. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I realized that being able to automatically shift display ads to my target audience depending on their sales stage gave a powerful opportunity to align sales messaging with what members of the buying committee sees as they surf the web. That’s amazing reinforcement.

With Journey Acceleration and integration with Salesforce, I can do exactly that. For example, if my deals tend to get stuck near the end due to GDPR questions, I can make sure that my buyers see messaging that reinforces our GDPR compliance. Even better–I don’t have to manually do this, because all accounts that shift to the negotiation stage will see those ads. I suddenly feel like I’m driving the sales funnel on autopilot.


The customer journey doesn’t end at closed-won. And as fun as it might be to assume that accounts are in cruise control, I would be, quite frankly, undeniably wrong. We’re closer to self-driving cars than we are to self-sustaining accounts in the B2B world!

I’m honestly the most excited about what Journey Acceleration can do in the post-sale phase of the buyer journey. But instead of torturing you with car puns, I figured I’d just bullet this one out:

  • Via Salesforce integration, I can know when accounts are a month or two out from renewal and hit them with messaging reinforcement.
  • If we’ve lost our company contact, my CS team can indicate that in Salesforce and Journey Acceleration will automatically launch an ABM Content Syndication program for that account so that we can find the right content.
  • If one of my customers starts researching a competitor, my Journey Acceleration program that’s based on trending intent data will start a full-court press using my competitive messaging.
  • If my sales team indicates in Salesforce that an account has a cross-sell opportunity, my Journey Acceleration program will launch to  get new contacts from other business units in that company.
  • And so much more…

Between upsell/cross-sell, land & expand, and retention initiatives, my customer marketing roadmap for Journey Acceleration has become nearly endless.

My horrible car and gas metaphors aside, I’m obviously excited about Journey Acceleration, and I hope you are now, too. If you’re at B2BMX this week, swing by booth 303 and we’ll let you take a peek.

Here’s a PDF with more detail and fewer car puns if you’d like more information, or we’re happy to walk you through you a demo.


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