Employee Spotlight: Fabian Eckstrom-French

Employee Spotlight: Fabian Eckstrom-French

Fabian Eckstrom-French is the Vice President of Partnerships at Madison Logic. He is based in our Seattle office and has been a huge asset to Madison Logic for almost a year.

When did you know that Madison Logic was the right job for you?

Before joining Madison Logic, I had been working with the ML team for quite some time as a partner in my previous role. It was when I came to New York for the interview and met with the executive team and saw how passionate they were about the product and the direction of the business that I knew the job was right for me. VP of Partnerships is my first role at Madison Logic, coming from a similar position at one of our partner organizations, where I also led the strategic alliances business.

What do you most enjoy about working Madison Logic and why?

Madison Logic is a NYC headquartered company with several other locations throughout the globe. Being that I’m a remote employee, it’s great to work for a company that stays so connected. I have the ability to work from home, but when I do walk into the office, I feel a strong sense of community. ML employees are incredible collaborators even with their colleagues across the world or working remotely like me. Throughout my experience at ML, I’ve worked with an incredible team, and have been able to develop partnerships and building alliances within the MarTech ecosystem. Despite loving my job, however, the ultimate reason I stay at ML is the people.

What sets Madison Logic apart? What characteristics does someone need to be successful with this company

Although Madison Logic is a well-established company that’s been around for 15 years, it often feels very much like a startup. To be successful here, you need to have a growth mindset and not be afraid of a challenge. It’s an exciting time to be in the ABM space, which is evolving at a very fast rate. ML is willing to adapt and change to meet the needs of our buyers as the industry shifts, which speaks volumes about the operational aspect of ML teams.

When did you join Madison Logic? How did you and your team get to know each other?

I joined Madison Logic in the Summer of 2018 after working with many of the ML team in my previous role at Bizible (by Marketo, an Adobe company). I already knew Vin, COO of Madison Logic, from working with him in an external capacity, and Jenn, CMO at Madison Logic, from our time together at Bizible. Being based in Seattle and working for a New York based company, it was handy to be sitting alongside Jenn. Mostly though I got to know the team at company and industry events, like our customer event in Montauk last year and our sales kick-off in Nashville this year. I travel out to New York about once per quarter to get facetime with the broader team and see many of the sales team at industry events and conferences. The team is incredible about making you feel included and we use video conferencing extensively.

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